The edge economies of migration

The African Centre for Migration & Society invites you to a special public lecture titled The edge economies of migration by Professor Suzanne Hall (London School of Economics and Political Science).

‘Edge Economies’ emerge in the asymmetries of global migration and the ongoing ferocities of urban marginalisation. From the grounded perspective of street economies formed in the peripheries of post-industrial UK cities, in this special public lecture Suzzane explores the racialised frameworks of citizenship and economic inequality and their everyday contestations. She locates the global and urban formations of the edge in the European ideologies of displacement and immobility, incorporating the extended coloniality of political interventionism and human subordination. By moving between spaces of globe, state and street, she further explores the edge as a capricious space in which social sorting, cultural intermixtures and claims to difference are forged. Such combinations encourage connections between the histories and geographies of how people and places become bordered, together with practices of edge economies that are both marginal and transgressive.


Suzanne Hall is is Co-director of the Cities Programme and Associate Professor in Sociology at the LSE. Suzi’s research interests engage with the street life of brutal borders, migrant economies and urban multi-culture.

Date: Thursday 12 September 2019

Time: 13.00 -14.30

Venue: ACMS Seminar Room 2163, South East Wing, Second Floor, Solomon Mahlangu House, University of the Witwatersrand East Campus