Representation & Knowledge Production

Representation and Knowledge Production

Concerned by the multiple intersecting factors associated with power and representation in research, this theme aims to experiment with different approaches to the study of migration including: photography and documentary projects; the mapping and visualisation of research data; ways of translating and communicating research; and, the contested connections between advocacy and research.

This theme involves the MoVE:Method:Visual:Explore project which focuses on the development of visual and other involved methodologies to research the lived experiences of migrants in southern Africa.  MoVE explores the co-production of knowledge through the development of partnerships with marginalized migrant groups, including LGBTIQ migrants and migrants who sell sex.  With the aim of developing improved ways to integrate social action with research, MoVE involves collaboration with migrant participants, existing social movements, facilitators and trainers, and research students engaged in participatory research methods.  Various visual methods – including photography, narrative writing, participatory theatre, collage, poetry – and other arts-based approaches are explored as ways of producing, analysing, and disseminating research data.