Zaheera Jinnah

Zaheera Jinnah joined ACMS as a researcher in 2009. Her research interests include diaspora studies, labour migration and livelihoods.  Her PhD in anthropology was an ethnographic account of agency in Somali women’s migration and settlement in Johannesburg. Zaheera teaches the labour migration module on the MA programme, and supervises graduate students. She is the recipient of a Volkswagen Stiftung fellowship in humanities (2017-2020).

Current research projects:

Shifting families: exploring migration and families in Johannesburg, Fez, and Berlin  (2017-2020). This 3 year project funded by the VW and in partnership with the University of Oldenburg, the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez and the Woodrow Wilson Centre, interrogates the changing concept of family in the context of contemporary African migration.

Artisanal Informal Mining in Johannesburg (2016- 2018). Informal mining in Johannesburg is a critical livelihoods activity of the urban poor and the migrant. This project, part of the broader migration and health initiative at ACMS, explores the structure of work in informal mining, unpacks responses by the state and offers insight into how ASM is embedded into the urban economy and social landscape of Johannesburg.

Previous research projects

MIWORC (2011-2014)

Three year research, policy influencing, and capacity building project which examined policy, data, sectoral dynamics and portability of social security in Southern Africa.

Migrant mobilisation (2009-2011)



Department of Labour, South Africa: Migrant worker handbook.

ILO: Labour migration strategy development (2012-3)

SADC: labour migration policy framework (2013)

Women’s Refugee Commission: Urban refugees, livelihoods and gender (2011)




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Technical and research reports

Jinnah, Z and Carazzo R.  2015. Making guests feel comfortable: Migrancy and labour in the hospitality sector in South Africa. MIWORC Research report. Johannesburg: African Centre for Migration & Society, University of the Witwatersrand.

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Jinnah, Z. 2013. Whose story? An academic response to  “it should have been little India”, by Jackee Batanda,  Writing invisibility, Conversations on the Hidden City. E-book published by the Mail and Guardian and ACMS pp 119-120.

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Policy briefs:

Blogs, and media:

Examining Labor Migration Policy in South Africa, World Policy Institute ,October 2015

Between rock and a hard place: informal mining in South Africa. London School of Economics African Perspectives, January, 2016.

Zama Zamas: Women of Stone, the Con Mag November 2016.

Migrants are not a threat: Reflections on the green Paper on Migration in South Africa,  IOL news, September 2016.

Areas of supervision: Labour and livelihoods, Somali Diaspora, gender, mobilisation.

Tel: +27(0) 11 717 4699