Steffen Fischer

Steffen Fischer received his Master of Architecture Technology (Prof) from the Graduate School of Architecture (GSA), University of Johannesburg. He graduated top of the class with distinction in 2018. His work and research over the past two years at the GSA investigated spatial metaphors in speculation on the use of architectural representation, communicating the dynamic relationships in migratory communities within the diaspora.

He has four years of practical work experience in the architectural industry and has been involved with a refugee bridging school programme called ‘Three2Six’ where he curated and facilitated workshops and exhibitions to raise funds and awareness for refugee children within the inner city together with André Croucamp (MindBurst Workshop).

Most recently in 2018 his research explored using a series of different tactics and tools to make and map the process of translating an object (a building) from one context to an ‘other’. Drawing in a variety of mixed media has opened exploration of ideas around belonging, identity, citizenship, nationhood that, when read together present alternative ways to read and achieve an architectural and spatial proposition.

Steffen travelled to present his masters work from 2017 (The Representation of Migrants: An Illustration of Some Uses for Architectural Drawings in the Communication of Relationships in Migratory Communities, Unit 10) at the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM) Conference on the panel ‘Cross-regional dialogues on refugee integration’ in Thessaloniki, Greece in July 2018. This trip highlighted the need for research in solution based discourse within the realm of migration as well as to further research to peripheral ‘other’ queer community.