Rosemary Diaho

Rosemary Diaho is a screenwriter, researcher, green enthusiast, and entrepreneur, who qualified for BA Sociology and Demography, BA Honours Industrial Sociology, and subsequently MA Forced Migration in 2005. Her MA thesis was on Development-Induced displacement and resettlement: Case of Mohale Dam Phase 1B of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. She worked as a Performance Auditor, a Programme Coordinator, a Researcher, and an Administrative Manager. Rosemary registered for MA Film and Television in 2017, to learn techniques of information sharing through visual and motion picture story-telling. She works on documentaries, reality, lifestyle, travel shows, and feature films with interest in issues of migration, heritage, and environment. Rosemary currently manages Marodi Productions where she conducts research for film and television content, develop proposals and treatments, write screenplays, and attend pitches.