Oncemore Mbeve

Oncemore was born in 1988, in Gweru general hospital. Gweru is a City in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. Oncemore grew up with a number of visions and inspirations from a childhood age. He spent 90% of his childhood at a village called Matshaya, in Lower Gweru (the rural area of Gweru). He holds a BA in Social Work and Masters of Arts in Psychology Research and Coursework and is currently enrolled for a PhD in African Centre for Migration & Society. Oncemore has done studies non-transactional sex among young people. His interests are drifting to the topic of transactional sex as practiced among young immigrant men and how this have an impact in their health and health seeking behaviours

His PhD project focuses on Migration and Health, with a particular focus on transactional sex, forgiveness and health-seeking behaviours among immigrant young men.