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Mobility Transition and Health Transition: Beyond Migrant Categories

A presentation by Prof Philippe Bocquier

Prof Philippe Bocquier from the the Centre de recherches en démographie (Centre DEMO) of the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium presented Mobility transition and health transition: beyond migrant categories at our lunchtime seminar on 16 April.

The traditional view on migration has seen people moving from poorer to affluent areas driven by an irrepressible attraction to the modern world. The figure of the migrant is that of a settler who abandoned for good his former way of life to adopt a new one. However actual mobility patterns are never that simple and the classic theoretical framework has to be adapted to account for rather ubiquitous populations. Taking examples in Africa, this communication was an attempt to integrate the socio-demographic and epidemiological frameworks to explain the consequences of migration on health. Click here to access the presentation or listen to the full Podcast.

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