Jogini Packery

Jogini Packery is a registered counselling psychologist who is focused on developing South African perspectives on identity development. She has completed her Masters in Community-based Counselling Psychology (Wits) and is currently exploring the realm of sexualised identities in South African. Jogini is currently engaged in her PhD studies and is co-supervised by Prof. Ingrid Palmary (ACMS) and Dr Peace Kiguwa (Psychology department – Wits). Jogini’s passions surround working with youth in South Africa and devising techniques for youth empowerment. She believes that education is the key to empowerment and change, and hopes to the empower young men and women with which she encounters in her employment and community capacities. Jogini is currently working on a ten year old community development programme within the community of Actonville, in Benoni. This project allows her to reach out to youth and provide psycho-social and emotional support where it is needed most.

Doctoral Research Title: Sexualised identities: Deconstructing the common perceptions of sugar babies and transactional sexual relationships (TSRs) in the Metropolis of Johannesburg.