To understand each other is a condition for the design of actual cities - Leonardo Cacci

25th March 2014

Leonardo Cacci, Associate Professor, Universita IUVA de Venezia, Dipartimento di Progettazione e Pianificazione in ambietti complessi (DPPAC).

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Highly skilled female health professionals on the move: Experiences from five destination countries - Silvia Wojczewski, Ruth Kutalek

18th March 2014

Silvia Wojczewski and Ruth Kutalek, Department of General Practice and Family Medicine, Medical University of Vienna and the HURAPRIM Team.

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Roni Amit in The Big Issue Magazine

Papers, Please! And if you have them, you still go to jail...

25 March 2014

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Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon opinion piece in The ConMag

Black Bees swarm around treason trial venue

December 15, 2013

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Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon opinion piece in the Mail and Guardian

J’oburg hills are alive with visions

13 September 2013

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