Equal Airtime Exhibition Musina

Come and listen to our stories

10 December, 10:30

Musina Municipality Building in Nancefield

Why is the Exhibition being held on December 10th?

The event is in lieu of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This day was created in to call attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers all over the world and we have put a special programme together to commemorate this important day.

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Migrations of Knowledge

An international conference hosted by Carl Van Ossietzky University, Oldenburg

3-6 December, 2014

ACMS will be co-hosting the Migrations of Knowledge conference in Germany. The conference will address current conditions and modes of academic knowledge production. It will revisit the ethical, political and social visions of research and higher education articulated in the second half of the 20th century at European and African universities. Researchers will scrutinise the academic discourses on the geopolitics of knowledge, gender and ethnicity, critical dialogues between the social, cultural and engineering sciences as well as the differences of and interactions between epistemologies in the Global North and the Global South.

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The Making of Publics in Kinshasa

A special lecture hosted by the Graduate Centre, Department of Social Anthropology, African Centre for Migration & Society, and the Centre for Indian Studies in Africa presented by Prof Filip De Boeck

Monday 17 November, 2014

‘What sort of collective life and what sort of knowledge is to be gathered (...) once modernity has been thrown into doubt while the task of finding the ways to cohabit remains more important than ever?” (Latour 2005 Reassembling the Social. Pp. 16-17). Filip De Boeck’s presentation takes this question to Central Africa’s urban worlds. Based on recent ethnographic data from Kinshasa, the capital of DR Congo, this presentation will reflect upon the changing connotations of what constitutes the public sphere and the meaning of the categories of public and private, of ‘publics’ and of diversity in the urban locale.

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Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium Annual Report

Oct 2013 - Sept 2014

The Migration RPC Annual Report is out. Click here to read.

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Moving bodies: the corporeal dimensions of migration in southern Africa


16 - 19 September 2014

Recognising a recent growth in academic interest in the complex social and political significance of human corporeality, the British Academy International Partnership between the University of Edinburgh and the University of the Witwatersrand aims to explore how a focus on the transformations of human forms and substances can offer new ways to investigate how violence, migration and health are linked in the lives of people across the southern African region.

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