Brenda Pinky mahlangu

Brenda Pinky Mahlangu is a Senior Scientist and has a Masters in Development Planning. She is employed by the Medical Research Council and currently working on a PhD which is a policy analysis study that explores the multi-sectorial and multi-level response to HIV and AIDS in South Africa. Her research interests are in public health, health governance, and integrated development planning, urban HIV and policy analysis. Her current work involves integration of equity considerations such as gender, disability and HIV in public policy, urban health research on HIV and AIDS, intersectoral action on health and development issues and social determinants of health.

Doctoral Research Title: Exploring the effectiveness of a multisectoral and multilevel response to HIV and AIDS: implications for implementation of National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS in South Africa.

Pinky’s doctoral research is in the Wits School of Public Health that involves co-supervision with Dr Jo Vearey of ACMS