Alka Larkan

Alka’s academic background is in language and literature. Her career has focused upon knowledge production, technology, and data management in the NGO sector. This has been in the Democracy and Governance space (in post-conflict Africa), working with IT infrastructure and services, and mobile data collection for election observation. More recently, it has focused upon data management for public health in HIV and TB epidemic containment in South Africa. Her current work is in implementation and use of information systems for HIV and TB patient management in primary health care facilities, particularly in Ekurhuleni and North West Province.

She is interested in international mobility, particularly: 1) Tracing the continuum of care for infectious disease, from sending to host communities. 2) The ways spaces are created or re-imagined by mobile populations as groups and as individuals

Her geographical focus is in areas of conflict or post-conflict in Africa, presenting quantitative data in a dynamic graphic format, with commentary and analysis, with the potential to suggest potential points for research as well as sustainable medical interventions.